About us

In 2019 we moved from Switzerland to Ronchamp to live more intensively with and from nature on our chosen 4 ha property.

The 2 years before we commuted between Switzerland and France and started to build up the property with the old farmhouse and the garage according to the permaculture principles. A work that will never end. Letting our guests participate in our project motivated us to turn the garage into holiday accommodation.

I, Stefan, am a trained carpenter (and animal keeper), which was the optimal prerequisite to take the conversion of the holiday accommodation into our own hands. We were free to choose every step of every material used. Always keeping the health of people and nature in mind, we were able to use almost 100% ecological materials in the construction and furnishing. The holiday accommodations have been ready since spring 2021. Now there is more time for gardening, fishing and spending time with friends and guests.

I, Caroline, was born in 1968, am a trained hairdresser and trained as a natural hairdresser almost 20 years ago. I am interested in everything that keeps people, animals and the environment healthy. Physically, mentally and spiritually. I am convinced that there is much more to discover between heaven and earth! I am inspired by creative projects, conversations that touch the soul, and the self-empowerment of people, especially in these crazy times.

Stefan, born in 1970, has learned 2 professions as mentioned above and is a convinced ecological all-rounder. Be it in the garden, on the building site and with the animals. The hard-working doer!

Differences like for example: Caroline Vegan Stefan meat eater from own animal husbandry, teach us daily to respect the diversity of opinions and not to judge.

We are happy to get to know them


Arrival and departure

  • on the day of arrival your holiday home is ready for occupancy from 4 p.m.
  • onwards on the day of departure your holiday will end at 10 a.m.


  • We would be grateful if you could help us to separate the rubbish, which can be found in the rubbish bin in the kitchen or on the bins in front of the entrance.

General cleaning cupboard on the upper floor

  • in case of a mishap, there is a floor tool, a foldable bucket and a broom ready for use, as well as spare bed linen for emergencies if something needs to be replaced, please contact us.


  • Internet is available free of charge 
  • The internet is switched off from 00.30 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. so that people who are sensitive to radiation can also have a restful sleep.
  • If you urgently need the internet during the night, please contact us, we will surely find a solution.

Main entrance

  • The main entrance door remains unlocked for security reasons.

Quiet hours

  • our holy noon rest takes place from 12 noon to 1.15 p.m.
  • night rest from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.


  • are not allowed in the holiday home.
  • We ourselves love animals and would like to make it possible for you to have your pet with you, please contact us, we will find a solution whether it is in our house or on the grounds or adjoining rooms.

Animals from CŒURVERT

  • Please stay away from the animals Visit CoeurVert Stefan will be happy to guide you through our project, including visiting the animals and petting them under our supervision.


7 days before arrival bank transfer


  • one parking space is available free of charge


  • is the responsibility of the tenant

This is especially close to our hearts

As we are a non-certified organic permaculture farm, we place special emphasis on sustainability. 

  •  Therefore, we provide you with high-quality products for skin and hair as well as washing-up liquid during your stay, because conventional products contain ingredients such as paraffin, microplastics, hormones, silicones, etc. that we would rather not let flow through our own microstation (septic tank).
  • It has been proven that even the best filter system cannot filter out everything and so it comes back to our fields and gardens.

The skin and hair detergent bottles as well as the conditioner will be refilled and are not meant to be taken away.

Especially to smokers and vaporisers

  • Cigarettes butts belong in the ashtray and we ask you to empty it in the waste bin outside and deposit it at your seat.
  • We do not tolerate smoking and vaping in the rooms and out of the window!
  • Only in this way can the next guests also enjoy the comfort of a smoke-free room.